The Associated Obedience Clubs of Northern California began to emerge in April of 1945, when the Mt Diablo Obedience and Training Club challenged the San Francisco Dog Training Club to an obedience match, in which five dogs from each club not having their C.D. titles were to compete against each other. This first match was to take place on November 4, 1945 in Walnut Creek. This first match was the beginning of the current InterClub Competition now held each summer.

As the years passed, the event evolved. In 1946 the first trophies were offered as prizes. In 1947 the first dinner was held in conjunction with the competition. The following year, it was agreed to open the competition to other organized clubs and on October 3, 1948, the Inter-club competition was born.

Until 1950 the Mt Diablo club and San Francisco club had alternated hosting the new competition, but at this point it was suggested that other clubs could share in the hosting duties and in November of 1950 the Oakland Dog Training Club volunteered to host the 1951 meeting. At that competition, finally held in January of 1951, seven clubs were represented.

In May of 1951 it was suggested that three delegates from each club be invited to meet to discuss various problems. THIS WOULD BE THE FIRST MEETING OF AOCNC, although it was not named that until several years later. These delegates elected to continue meeting four times a year, which has continued through today. In the years that followed, a Board of Directors was established and the organization became more formal with By Laws and Regulations. More and more Clubs joined the affiliation, and today there are 18 member clubs.

Eventually another challenge took place, this time between the Southern California Dog Obedience Council and AOCNC. This brought about a change in the function of the InterClub competition, which became a means of selecting the team that would represent AOCNC at this challenge match, which became known as CSOC (California State Obedience Competition). This competition usually took place in the fall hosted alternate years by the north and the south. In the past few year this competition has faded and is no longer held each year.

One final challenge match took place some time later. This challenge was extended from California to all the other western states (Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho) and Canada. The competition that resulted became known as WIOC (Western International Obedience Competition). All state picks their team in a manner they determine and in the case of California, two team compete one from Northern California and one from Southern California. The States alternate hosting this competition. This competition, too, has faded and is no longer.

AOCNC continues to offer much to the Dog Fancy. The annual Interclub Competition continues to be held each year for the members, students, and trainers of the AOCNC clubs; the annual Obedience/Rally Workshop is offered to all comers; Seminars and education materials are regularly made available to fulfill our educational goals.

AOCNC is an organization that is dedicated to the promotion of the sport of dog obedience training and the association of dog people. Many friends have met and gotten to know each other through AOCNC. We encourage you all to attend our meetings and plan now to attend the competitions sponsored by AOCNC.